4 Easy Step for How To Use A Nespresso Machine

How to use a Nespresso machine perfectly want to know? Whatever it takes, you will sip the morning-fresh cup of tea, won’t you? Yes, you sure do. But for how long do you have to take that extra 3-minute-walk to the coffee shop every day when you have the golden opportunity to make your own at home? That sounds like a bad idea!

Join the millions of Americans today and own the Nespresso machine for a freshly-brewed tasty coffee every morning! If you thought making top-quality coffee at home is a myth, well, time to wake up, dear.

There are plenty of ways you can make some awesome coffees using the Nespresso machine at home. Let’s find out how you can do it too!

Types Of Machines & Capsules

Although you can find several different variants of Nespresso machines, there are mainly two types of machines. The first one is the Original Series Nespresso, and the second one is the Vertuo Series Nespresso.

Different types of Nespresso machines have varying mechanisms of operation. The Original Series comes with a high-pressure system that is used to brew espresso-style drinks.

The Vertuo line, on the other hand, applies a centrifugation style. This is what Nespresso named it. So, this system mixes up the water infusion and centrifugal force while the mixture rotates the capsule inside the device.

With this type of device, you can also make drinks that are larger in quantity compared to lungo or espresso. You can take a regular cup of coffee as a benchmark.

As for the capsules used in these devices, the Original Series uses a capsule that comes with a cylindrical shape that’s more like a dome. The packaging here resembles the disposable packets provided in many restaurants that contain liquid coffee creamer.

The Vertuo device uses a different type of capsule that comes in the shape of a hemisphere.

How To Use A Nespresso Machine- Step By Step Guide

Using a Nespresso machine is a no-brainer. It’s one of the easiest coffee-making devices to operate. All you need to know is some of the basics of using the device as it may be a new machine to work with. We will show you the simple and primary steps you need to take before you can take a sip from the tasty, freshly-brewed coffee from the machine!

Before First Use

Do you know what’s more crucial than knowing how to brew coffee in the Nespresso machine? Well, it’s how to prepare it for brewing. And by preparation, we mean the cleaning process. Yes, before you put your coffee inside the machine, you need to clean the machine inside out thoroughly. This is what we may call rinsing if you like. However, it doesn’t take much time to raise your eyebrows like this. Let’s see a demo of how you can rinse it properly.

Step-1| Start With The Reservoir

First of all, rinse all the water out of the reservoir. Now, fill it almost all the way up with water collected from your kitchen tap. Then slip the reservoir into the back of the device as you have already taken it out. Now, add water again.

Step-2| Preparing The Machine

Now, it’s time to prepare the device for brewing your much-awaited coffee. First, plug the device into a power source. Now press the lungo button to turn the machine on for the first time. You will see lights on the device that will blink to reassure you that the machine is started. Take a bit of time to make the device warm. After a while, the machine will be ready to brew coffee!

Step-3| Place The Mug

There’s a suitable place on the front of the device for keeping a mug. Pick a large-sized mug and put it on the tray on the front side of the Nespresso machine. When hot water pours down from the machine, the mug will catch it.

Step – 4| Run Rinse Cycle

It’s time to operate the rinse cycle. You need to press the Lungo button again to begin the rinsing once again. After one full cycle of brewing, you need to run it three more times to rinse the device completely. Once done, dispose of the hot water from the mug when it cools down.

Brewing An Espresso

To brew an Espresso on a Nespresso coffee maker, you will need water, Coffee, and Nespresso Coffee Capsule. Then follow the process here.

  1. Feel the water reservoir at least halfway with fresh water.
  2. Use the Lungo or Espresso button to turn the machine on if it’s an Original Series device. If it’s a Vertuo device, you will find a simple ‘On’ button there.
  3. Place the coffee cup on the tray right beneath the spout. If a Vertuo machine allows you to bring the cup upwards, adjust it that way.
  4. On the Original Series device, simply lift the lever to put the coffee capsule. In the case of a Vertuo machine, you need to rotate the lever head to unlock it and then open it up to put the capsule.
  5. The machine will automatically stop brewing on an Original Series when the Espresso is ready and filled up. However, on the Vertuo machine, you may need to turn it off by pressing the On button manually.
  6. There you have it! A perfectly brewed Espresso!

How To Brew Coffee With A Nespresso Machine  

Now, let’s find out how to brew coffee with a Nespresso machine. Follow the steps below for the best result.

  1. Keep the water tank full or almost full. Experts say it’s better to keep it at least 90% full.
  2. Open the capsule compartment and put a coffee capsule that suits your machine. By the way, check the compartment for any capsule left from the previous brew.
  3. Now place a coffee cup on the tray to hold the coffee. Now push the respective button that you need. You would go for the Espresso, right?
  4. You don’t have to wait forever to get your desired coffee. Nespresso machines are kind of famous for their fast coffee-making capacity.

How to Care For Your Nespresso Machine After Use

First of all, cleaning and washing the device after every use is mandatory. There’s no escape from it. Even if you are not using it daily, consider cleaning it up, anyway. This will keep it fresh and ready to brew.

Secondly, do not keep the water tank filled up if you are not using it. Don’t keep the water overnight and leave it in the tank. The minerals and particles in the water can damage the tank over time. So, keep it empty when you are not using it.

Thirdly, be prepared to descale the machine once in a while. The harder your tap water is, the higher the frequency of your descaling. Try to descale at least once a month. If not possible, then don’t leave it without descaling at least once every three months.

Keep some descaling kits around you to do it whenever necessary. Some machines will show you signs that you need to perform a descaling process. But don’t wait for that signal as it may damage the inner parts already.

There is the final words for how to use a Nespresso machine

So, that’s how to use a Nespresso machine. Yes, it may sound simple when reading the instructions, but trust us, it’s easier when practiced. All it takes is owning a machine first and then starting to brew your coffee yourself.

That’s all it takes, to be honest. Yes, different variants may come with different features that need a little exploring, but hey, that’s something we all are aware of, aren’t we?

Have a nice coffee!

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