7 Big Difference between coffee and espresso

Asking the wrong question in the wrong place can put your impression in danger. One of the best examples can be this question, “What’s the difference between espresso and coffee?” You may feel a bit embarrassed to ask such a question aloud. So we will discuss here the difference between coffee and espresso. If you just entered the world of coffee then, then it’s okay to get confused between these two. But don’t bad, there are a lot of coffee lovers out there who have no idea about the difference between these two. In this article, we will make everything clear to you. So, let’s jump into the topic, Espresso Vs Coffee – What’s the Difference?

What is Espresso Coffee?

To understand the difference between these two, first and foremost, we have to know what espresso is. Espresso is a very popular coffee-making method. In this procedure, you get a stronger flavor than the usual one but, it’s served in a tiny coffee cup. When brewing espresso, the hot water gets to push through the coffee grounds at an aggressive pressure and speed. And that’s why you will require a special machine to process espresso. This machine was invented in the 19th century by some Italians. Some people consider espresso as the purest form of coffee, while others prefer to pour overs because of their easy-processing method and mellow flavor. Once I heard someone saying, “Espresso is a miracle of chemistry in a cup.”

What Is Drip Coffee?

In most American homes, you will find an electric coffee maker. The name ‘drip coffee’ may not sound that familiar to you. Drip coffee is usually brewed by coffee makers, so; you will need an automatic coffee maker to process it. The first drip coffee maker was introduced in Japan in the late 1990s. And within a few years, it was able to gain an enormous amount of popularity. The Japanese used to cook drip coffee in traditional ceremonies.

What Makes Espresso Different from Brewed Coffee?

You may find some espresso marked on bag beans, but don’t confuse it with roast or a certain coffee bean. It’s just another method of making coffee. Processing espresso and brewing coffee have some differences. For a beginner, using an espresso machine would be a difficult task. Espresso is smaller in size but offers a more intense taste, something you would appreciate as a coffee lover. It doesn’t take that long to prepare espresso compared to manually brewed coffee. The average serving of brewed coffee in a cup is around eight ounces, while with espresso, you get only one ounce.

The 7 Differences between (Espresso Vs Coffee)

The main difference between coffee and espresso is the density of the dissolved solids in the water. Comparatively, espresso is much denser. It comes with a heavier and stronger vibe, and if you can make following the correct procedure, you are supposed to see a creamy foam on the top. You will need a special machine to prepare espresso, and it would be quite impossible to make one properly without sufficient knowledge and training. In this section, we will be discussing the 7 differences between espresso vs. coffee.

Let’s get started.

  1. Origin
  2. Process
  3. Caffeine Amount
  4. Taste
  5. Roast
  6. Grind
  7. Brewing

1| Origin- How & Where it Started

The espresso brewing method first started in Italy in the 19th century. This method is widely popular in the southern Europe region, especially in Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, France, and Bulgaria.

There is no difference in beans whether you are making coffee or espresso. In some countries, Arabica beans with Robusta beans are usually used in making lower-quality coffees. And they also come with a lower price tag.

Arabica beans can taste sweet and sometimes tangy also; it offers you a sweet blueberry scent.

2| Process- How it’s Made?

More or less, we all are quite familiar with the coffee-making method. You can do it following many procedures and, each of those will offer you a different taste and flavor. Yeah, preparing espresso is indeed a bit more complicated than preparing normal coffee, but it’s not impossible.

You know they say, “practice makes a man perfect.” You can also make espresso on your own. So, you won’t have to go to the coffee shop for espresso anymore.

Nowadays, the espresso machine is becoming more affordable. You can make normal coffee without any special machine. But for making espresso, espresso-making is a must.

3| Caffeine Amount- How Much Caffeine?

Espresso tends to contain more caffeine than usual coffee. In general, a normal cup of coffee has about 85-185 mg of caffeine, whereas a shot of espresso carries between 40-75.

4| Taste- What About their Taste?

The main difference between a cup of normal coffee and espresso is in their taste. Espresso comes with a roast, well-bodied, and, well-rounded flavor.

The paper filter used for brewing normal coffee takes away some of the flavors from your coffee grounds and, that’s why you don’t get to enjoy the original taste.

5| Roast- How to Roast?

When it comes to roasting beans for espresso, you got to roast them for longer and darker than the other coffee beans. Although, you can just drop an espresso roast in a normal drip coffee maker and get a good cup of coffee.

Using blonde roast in an espresso machine will offer a more intensifying taste.

6| Grind- What about Grinding?

Grinding for espresso requires finer ground beans than the normal ones. Espresso beans feel somewhat like sands, while ground coffee feels like gravel.

If you put those finer coffee beans into a typical coffee machine, you would likely get a bitter coffee.

7| Brewing- How to Prepare?

One of the most common differences between espresso coffee and normal drip coffee is their preparation method. Preparing espresso requires more ratio of water than preparing a regular coffee.

And it allows you to extract most of the flavors out of the beans into your cup, resulting in a more intense and richer flavor.

Final Words

Espresso is one of the most popular forms of coffee around the world. But it comes with a higher price tag than a normal drip coffee. Espresso offers you a rich and intense taste, while the regular coffee-making process is a lot easier. So, that answers the million-dollar question, Espresso Vs Coffee – What’s the Difference?  The main difference you can see is in their taste and preparation method. Making espresso requires a bit of basic knowledge and practice. On the other hand, anyone out there can make a regular cup of coffee.

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