How to Roast Coffee Beans in Oven

Due to Covid-19, we learned many things doing at home. But do you know how to roast coffee beans in the oven? For coffee lovers, it is good to know about roasting coffee at home. Trust me; roasting coffee in an oven is one of the cheapest methods you can try.

If you roast coffee at home and enjoy its fragrance, that will be nice. Follow some methods and maintain the timing, and you will get your roasted coffee. It is not going to be completely well roasted, but this will do. You will never have to depend on a professional one, at least.

Do You Know What Coffee Is and the Reason We Roast It?

Coffee is a beverage that contains caffeine, which comes from a plant. Some of us prefer drinking coffee than tea. But have you ever thought what way does the drink come? It reaches us after some processes.

The raw beans reach the producers in the market place. Then they provide us the finest and splendid coffee. The name Nescafe coffee comes to our mind when we think of coffee.

You cannot use the raw coffee beans just after collecting from the plants. You must wait for it to get ripe and also roast it. The coffee we buy is in brown. Moreover, ripe and roasted coffee also has brown complexion. Do you know why roasting is necessary?

There are multiple reasons we cannot consume green coffee beans. The first reason is, the green coffee beans have cellulose in their outer shell. We all know we people can never digest cellulose. While roasting, the lair of cellulose cracks down.

The second reason is, to bring the aroma out of coffee beans we need to roast it. Without roasting, the elements which create a pleasant smell will remain inside. Roasting helps those elements coming out and create aroma.

Another vital cause is to bring the highest flavour out of coffee beans. Roasted and crushed coffee is quickly soluble in water and provides a nice flavour. On the other hand, you will not get the advantage of the raw ones.

So, if you cannot go and buy roasted coffee, you should do it your own.

Before start roasting coffee, You should Know

There are two things you must consider before you start roasting. Otherwise, the whole thing of your rusting can turn into gabs.

  • How Long you roast the coffee beans
  • What Supplies Do We Need?

How Long you roast the coffee beans

Before you start roasting, find out how long you will keep the beans in the oven based on the color of the beans.A good rule of thumb is to keep in mind that the thicker the bean, the fuller the body of the bean. Consider the rule when roasting.

Light brown: Beans of this color are avoided because it a sour taste. Low in nutritious beans and sweets.

Light-medium brown: It has a full-body, a full fragrance, and a light sweetness. This roast is standard in East America.

Full Medium Brown: It has a full-body, strong aroma, and slight sweetness. Standard roast in the western United States.

Medium-dark brown: it also is known as light French or Viennese roast. It has a full-body, a strong aroma, and an intense sweetness.

Brown: This is known as espresso or French. It has a full-body, a medium aroma, and a full sweetness.

Very dark (black): It is also known as Spanish and French. It has a weak body, a light fragrance, and less sweetness.

What Supplies Do We Need?

Like any other task, you will need some essential equipment and ingredients while doing it. However, do not miss anything; otherwise, you will not succeed and, all ingredients and efforts will be wasted.

First of all, you will need an oven that provides high temperatures. You can do it in an oven, but make sure that the coffee is getting enough heat all over. Moreover, the heat should reach everywhere evenly. The Gas oven is more suitable for this purpose.

Then you will need some green and fresh coffee beans. If you do not collect beans, what will you roast? So, that is an essential thing you will need.

The next thing you will need is a steam pan or a cookie sheet. Steam pan or cookie sheet lets the steam go through the beans and crack the outer lair.

A whisker or wooden spoon will be the next thing you need. Stir the beans while roasting. Therefore, there will be no risk of coffee beans to be over roasted or under roasted.

Another thing you can keep is a stopwatch. You can monitor the time with a stopwatch. So, you can roast the bean exactly as the required time, not more or less.

Only roasting perfectly will not do. Use an airtight container to preserve the roasted coffee before further processing. Do not let any micro-organisms grow there.

Gas Oven Roasting Method

Though there are some simple methods of roasting coffee at home, the gas oven method is the most used one. There are some steps and things that you will need and follow. Let us get started with the method of how to roast coffee beans in oven (gas).

Green Coffee Beans

Green coffee beans indicate that they are unripe. Freshly collected beans from plants are usually green. Now, you may have a question, why we use green beans for roasting?

The answer is simple; we will roast the fresh and unroasted ones. We will never re-roast the roasted beans, would we? Anyway, the first thing you would do is buy some green beans of coffee. Sometimes they are already steamed and, sometimes they are not. Check the colour while buying.

If its colour is greenish-yellow or even darker, that means they are boiled. If they are perfect green, then they are not pre-steamed. If you are growing coffee on your own, then collect matured seeds. Clean and dry them well. Separate the shell and particles of the fruit from the beans.

After cleaning the suitable beans, dry them well. No moisture should be there. Therefore, your beans will get ready for roasting.

Cookie Sheet

A cookie sheet is usually used in baking. You can use it for baking cakes, rolls, cookies, etc. They are suitable because they can tolerate extremely high temperatures. Also, they spread the steam everywhere. So, while roasting, you must use a cookie sheet.

Silicon sheets are the most used ones while baking or roasting anything. But aluminum cookie sheets are safer. So, try to use aluminum sheets. It can sometimes bend anywhere due to high heat.

Do not worry about that. It will be normal when the temperature comes to room temperature.

So, bring the fresh beans first. Pour and spread them evenly on the pan first, then place it on the sheet. Pour and spread before you put it in the oven. Any accident can occur if you pour the beans with the sheet in the oven.

Moreover, you cannot spread it in the same proportion all over. We usually grease the pan and sheet with oil or butter while baking cakes and cookies. But the best thing about using a cookie sheet for roasting is, you do not need to grease the pan. Choose and use a fresh cookie sheet carefully.


An Oven is a suitable roaster for coffee. So, you can roast them in both a microwave and an electric oven. But before choosing, make sure your oven is providing enough high temperature.

The reason is the hard and green beans need more temperature than you think. In the lack of temperatures, they will not roast properly.

No matter what oven you are using, it must be convection with a fan. The fan function of the oven helps the steam and heat spread all over equally. It prevents the oven from heating too much in a particular place.

Thus any part of the oven does not breakdown due to overheating. The third step of the oven roasting method is to place the beans with cookie sheets into the oven. Close the door after you kept the beans. Set time 2 or 3 minutes and, the temperature 400-500 degree F. Open the door repeatedly and check if it is roasting or not.

Stir the beans sometimes when you open the door of the oven. After roasting for 5 minutes approximately, the first crack occurs.

After the first crack, open the door and stir the half roasted brown beans. Roast them for some more minutes until you hear the second crack. After 30-40 seconds of the second crack, turn off your oven and take the cookie sheet out. Transfer them into another metal container to cool down.

Tools for Stirring

You can use any spoon or whisker for stirring. But a wooden spoon is more appropriate for this purpose. What if we don’t stir and leave them in the roaster? If we don’t stir while roasting, some parts will be over-cooked and, some will remain under-cooked. So, a stirring tool is necessary.

What’s the point of using a wooden spoon? Wooden spoons are easy to deal with. Wood is heat resistant. That’s why it’s safer. Another advantage is it reaches every possible corner of the pan or sheet.

It moves easily through the beans. So, try to use a wooden spoon or spatula. If that’s not available, then you can use metal spoons or spatula.

Stir the beans with the spoon at the initial stage to spread evenly. When you start roasting, stir it repeatedly within a short time. It sometimes feels irritating to open the door and to stir. But to get perfect roasts, you need to continue this.

After bringing the hot roasted beans, cool them down with stirring tools. Keep stirring and whisking so that they quickly come to room temperature. Make the best use of this wooden spoon.

Which Coffee Beans Make the Best Dark Roast Coffee?

Do you run a coffee shop? Or are you just a caffeine lover in search of the best dark roast coffee in town? Dark roast coffee is one of the favorites among coffee lovers. Coffee shops use dark roast in their various offers.

A few popular drinks that use dark roast include espresso and milk-based coffee drinks.

On top of its taste, moreover, dark roast coffee has health benefits. In research that regular consumption of dark roast coffee helps protect human DNA, but what are the best dark roast coffee beans out there? Continue reading below to find out.

What do you do with coffee beans after roasting?

Immediately after roasting, the amount of carbon dioxide from the coffee is reduced, which prevents good brewing. 

Degassing means the next step of roasting on top of the house means something more will happen during this time, and it will leave some space to escape for CO2. After 12-24 hours, tighten the id to limit oxygen exposure.

How do you store coffee after roasting?

Store the coffee in an opaque, air-tight container at room temperature to preserve the fresh-roasted flavor of your beans as long as possible.

Coffee beans may be nice but avoid clean canisters, which allow light to compromise the taste of your coffee. Keep your beans in the dark and cool place.

How long does it take to roast coffee beans?

The necessary roast coffee process is Very simple and easy: use heat to turn unroasted green coffee into roasted brown coffee. You can expect a smaller batch process, not over 10 minutes, and about 16 minutes for larger batches. However, the roasting times are depending on the method and quantity of coffee.

What temperature do you roast coffee beans at?

Yes, wash them. You should wash the green coffee beans properly. This not only cleans the beans, Moreover moisturizes them before roasting them. However, before roasting the coffee beans, shake off the water from the bins correctly

How long should coffee rest after roasting?

For the best flavor, the coffee beans desire to be reduced heat after roasting. It requires a minimum of 12-24 hours’ rest after roasting before it is brewed.

Why are Starbucks beans so oily?

Coffee beans have natural oils, and it comes out when the beans are roasting. Darker roast coffee presents more oil. Starbucks has a tendency to dark roast. So their beans present more oil than others. So Starbucks beans are pretty oily.


The methods may seem clumsy and complicated, but they are too easy. Frying in a pan on a stove may not bring a good result. It can destroy the beans and leave them unusable too.

So, if you own a convection oven, use it as a roaster. If you own a full land of caffeine trees, buy a big sized professional oven. That can be a new startup for you.

You can produce both raw and roasted coffee beans. Do you feel like having coffee but, the coffee shop is closed? It’s okay, just go and bring some green beans, roast them and make a splendid coffee out of it. Now you know how to roast coffee beans in the oven.

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