French Roast vs. Italian Roast Coffee | Which One is Best

Coffee is famous in the whole world, but the culture came from Europe ( especially France and Italy). The European coffee lovers can argue on French Roast vs. Italian Roast Coffee

Both the French and Italian roasted coffees are fair and equally competitive. The Italians have invented tasty and classy coffee menus; on the other hand, the French have shown us how to enjoy Coffee.

Though some people find the Italian and French coffee roast the same, they have some differences on some scales. Let’s see the differences between these two coffees, and let you decide which one is better.

What is French Roast Coffee 

French Roast coffee

French roasted coffees are among the best and popular roasted coffees in the world. The roast gives a dark complexion; its surface mostly looks like charcoal. It’s not only black but glossy also.

It’s famous for its composition, and the best thing about it is, it’s less acidic than other ones. The French roasts coffee have a sweet aroma. If you go to a garden to collect these seeds and roast them, you will get lost in the beautiful aroma.

It easily blends in hot water and gives you a sweet, light, mouthful taste. The roasted beans are widely used in Turkey; that’s why it has the second name of Turkish Roasted Coffee.

What is Italian Roast Coffee

Italian Roast Coffee beans

Italian coffees don’t look like black coffee beans, but they are very dark brown and has a shiny surface. The beans are not Italian; they are from Africa, America, or Asia. But they are called Italian for their preparation procedure.

The Espresso and the Cappuccino are the most famous coffee styles, and they belong to Italian styles. It is a bit acidic, but rich and intense in flavor. It’s known for its aroma, and when you add caramel, it becomes sweeter.

Maybe they have different name tags on their packets, but they are made from the finest coffee beans. The Italian manufacturers give those their cultural touch; take them to the next level.

Compression Chart for French Roast vs. Italian Roast

The compression chart is the seed’s color level; you can identify a coffee bean using your sight. The outer layer’s color varies a lot; the unroasted coffee bean has a definite color. Moreover, the roasted bean’s color varies due to regional variations.

The compression charts also have some variations; the first chart has four categories; they are:

The traditional Roasting Level from light to dark in order goes like this: 

  • Cinnamon Roast (the lightest coffee)
  • New England Roast
  • American Roast
  • City Roast
  • Full City Roast
  • Vienna Roast
  • French Roast
  • Italian Roast (the darkest coffee).

You can say from the order and chart that the Italian coffee roasts are darker than the French roasts. Maybe it’s a part of the Italian culture and taste; they love drinking black coffee.

Maybe they prefer to take out the highest aroma and flavor of the coffee beans. In contrast, the French prefer roasting beans to dark brown. Both French and Italian coffees are classified as dark coffee.

French Roast vs. Italian Roast Coffee which is best

Our main argument and justification start here; let’s find out the significant differences between the Italian and French coffee roasts. We have some criteria to differentiate these two coffee beans.

French Roast vs. Italian Roast Coffee differential criteria list is:

  • Body and Complexity.
  • Flavor.
  • Acidity.
  • Caffeine Content.
  • Health Benefits.
  • Flavor and Texture.

Body and Complexity

Both French and Italian roasted coffee beans are firm and shiny. You can classify both as dark roasted coffee beans. But there’s a difference in color; the French coffee roasts have a dark brown color and rigid body.

On the other hand, Italian coffee is black; they look like charcoal. They have an oilier texture like the French ones; they have more oil. It has a burnt texture because the traditional Italians roast the coffees a while after the second crack.

The dark roasted coffees are tiny; the oil comes to the upper surface and sticks after the second crack.


French Coffee beans are dark, but not the darkest coffee. The French people stop roasting coffee when a sweet smell comes out. They don’t burn the coffee; they also prefer to caramelize coffee. That’s why they are sweeter in flavor and have less bitterness.

On the contrary, the Italian coffee roasts will give you a bitter flavor; they are burnt to the highest level. The Italian Coffees are the darkest ones; that’s why they have less aroma when roasted. They have a mixed flavor of bittersweet taste and smell.

If you’re a black coffee lover or looking for something substitute for dark chocolate, you may try original Italian coffee. But if you prefer having a cup of coffee instead of a dessert, you may try French coffee.


If we compare the acidity, we can see the French coffee beans are more acidic then the Italian ones. The acid level or pH level of coffee depends much on its brewing and roasting method.

However, when you’re roasting the Italian coffee at a higher temperature for a longer time, the acid contents get diluted. But the French roasts have more acidic contents due to less temperature and shorter roasting time.

If you don’t have any problem with higher acidic content, you can enjoy a French Coffee. If you’re suffering from a gastrointestinal problem, you should try Italian Coffee. Italian coffee doesn’t create an acidity problem.

Caffeine Content

Caffeine is the primary substance of coffee; the total caffeine content varies due to their brewing and roasting method and time. A regular coffee cup has around 90 mg of caffeine.

An average-sized cup French coffee contains30-63 mg caffeine per 120-150 ml. The decaf coffee contains less caffeine, about 3-5 mg caffeine.

On the other hand, the Italian roasted coffee contains less caffeine; the amount varies for the serving cup size. The usual caffeine content is 15-30 mg if we talk about the Italian coffee roast.

There’s a reason behind the decreased caffeine value of Italian coffee. The more heat the coffee beans get, the less caffeine is left inside them. As the Italian coffee stay longer in the roaster, their caffeine content continually keeps decreasing.

Is caffeine good for health? This Paragraph is ideal for you if you have this question.

The Roasting Difference

You should roast the French coffee beans at 464°F or 240°C temperature for a minimum of 12-15 minutes. On the other hand, roast the Italian beans at 473°F or 245°C temperature for 18-20 minutes.

You don’t need to fry the French Coffee beans to bring a burnt complexion; you can use an oven for that. On the other hand, a stove will be more appropriate to dark roast the Italian Coffee beans at a higher temperature.

Health Benefits

Health Benefits of French Roast Coffee 

  • It contains some elements that help to reduce your body weight. This way will be more effective if you’re in the pre-obese phase.
  • Diabetes type 2 and Alzheimer’spatients can intake this coffee. Coffee won’t cause any harm to the patients.
  • It sometimes helps to reduce harmful chemical substances; the French Coffee works as a cleaner.
  • The French Coffee beans sometimes boost your energy too.

Health Benefits of Italian Roast Coffee

  • It contains the least amount of caffeine; it’s healthy for you to consume.
  • It won’t increase your stomach inflammation due to its low acid value.
  • The darkest Italian coffee helps to restore vitamin E and the red blood cells of your body.
  • They are less caramelized, so they don’t create unwanted fat cells in the body.

Remember, excessive coffee intake has some side effects, which you don’t want. You may suffer from malnutrition or insomnia due to excessive intake. Caffeine sometimes resists the necessary nutrient absorption.

Some experts say that light roasted coffees are more beneficial than the darker ones. They say the lighter coffee resists cell damage and inflammation. They also contain more antioxidant properties than the dark roasted coffees.

Flavor and Texture

The French Coffee roast is smoother than the Italian roasted Coffee. It’s because they don’t get burnt. The Italian roasts are also smooth and light in comparison to the light roasted coffees.

The French Coffee tastes plain because of its simple making procedure, but the Italian Coffee will give you more creamy, and mouthful feel. Latte is a French-style coffee; whereas, Espresso is an Italian style.

The Italian Coffee dissolves faster than the French ones; that’s why their flavors are different. Only a coffee lover who has tasted both can differ the two types; some people find them the same.


Which coffee roast is best?

Vienna Roast, French Roast, and Italian Roast. The light roast seems to provide superior antioxidant properties, making it even better for drinkers. It is significant the terms of potential health benefits.

Studies have shown that light roast is better for protecting against inflammation and cell damage than dark roast.

Why is Italian coffee the best?

Italians are proud of their coffee. As many of the French find a perfume for years, even decades, the Italians spend their lives perfecting the perfect coffee industry.

Machines, beans, ground, and mix are important, but human touch makes the best coffee. Crowds of coffee flavors from around the world will find Italian Roast Coffee. Because of its taste, the smell is deferent.

Which is stronger? Italian or French roast coffee?

It’s depends on what you mean by stronger. As you roast coffee longer, the flavor of the roast is pronounced (as opposed to the favor of the bean).

Darker roasts tend to stand up to milk better. However, as you roast coffee longer, the caffeine content also decreases.

So, in other words, Italian roast will be more burnt in flavor but will have less caffeine. The subjective difference is in the flavor’s readiness, determined by the darkness of the roast.

Italian being on the dark-roasted end of the spectrum, French roast being a little darker.

Is French Roast good?

Most of the people believe that deep-fried coffee contains more caffeine than lightly roasted coffee.

In fact, the opposite is usually true. The more coffee beans are fried, it burns the more caffeine molecules.

This means that if you want to limit your caffeine intake, the French roast is an excellent choice.


The controversy of French Roast vs. Italian Roast Coffee will never end. To some extent, the French Coffee Roasts are better; and the Italian Coffee Roasts are better.

Which one you would prefer that depends on the culture you prefer and your tastebuds. Though I would say, the Italians have a great choice and variety in Coffee. If you go to Italy someday, you will notice the luxury and services of their cafes.

I would suggest you collect some finest coffee beans and fry them well in an oven. You can try different roasting methods and coffee recipes at home. Then, you decide which one you will consider as the best.

The increasing numbers indicate the continual dark complexion of coffee roasts.

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