How to Make French Press Coffee: Here’s everything you got to do

Making a great coffee does not require a war. However, to win the everyday battle of life, a hot, delicious cup of coffee can be a good motivation. And that’s where we need to be serious about making a cup of coffee worth drinking. People say, “coffee makes life better.”

Among hundreds of hundred ways of making coffee, their French press is the easiest and most affordable method of making a great cup of coffee. If you are not familiar with it, no worries, my friend. That’s why we are here to help you out today.

So, today you are about to learn an important lesson in your life which is how to make French press coffee.

What is French press coffee?

French press coffee is also known as cafetière. It’s a popular coffee brewing machine around the world. There is an interesting story behind the invention of this device.

In 1923 an Italian man named Ugo Paolini came up with the idea of making a coffee pot by using a press action and filter while he was trying to make a tomato juice separator. This coffee-making device is more portable than other coffee makers.

You will also find a travel mug version that you can carry with you even while you are on the go. A French press can be also used in making tea.

Is French Press Coffee Better?

A French press is famously known around the world for making the best coffee. And there are some concrete reasons for that. Let’s get into the details:

Using a paper filter can absorb essential oils and flavors. When it comes to good food, the fats and oils in it contain most of its flavor. So, when you are using a paper filter in the drip machine, it’s going to absorb most of the oil from the coffee grounds.

What makes French press special is they don’t soak up flavors and include a few coffee grounds in your coffee that filters the flavor. When making a nice cup of tea, we utilize bulk tea which steeps for a couple of minutes relying on the category of that tea.

And it’s quite the same with the French press as the grounds steep, so that taste of the coffee gets much better. A French press can offer you the purest coffee in the world. You will be able to experience the coffee with all your five senses.

When using typical coffee machines in mots cases, you won’t get the original taste. But when it comes to the French press, you will realize how a good cup of coffee is supposed to be. You will have the total saturation of the grounds. If you want to taste every ground in the coffee, the French press is for you.

How to Make French Press Coffee?

So, here you have a complete guide on how to make French press coffee. Let’s get on with it:

Step 1: Preparation

You need to preheat the French press using hot water, and don’t forget to add the plunger. However, this is not mandatory; I would recommend you to get a warm carafe to extract all the flavors.

Let your French press warm-up for around 30 seconds, and that’s when you can grind the coffee beans. Take your burr grinder and some coarseness of seal salt to grind the coffee beans. Wait for 30 seconds and release the hot water from the carafe. Here you have a warmed-up French press.

Step 2: Adding Your Coffee

Put the fresh coffee into the carafe and give it a gentle shake to level the grounds evenly. Remember, your French press will perform best with darker roasts.

Step 3: Adding Hot Water

Pour water in the carafe in a circular motion to make sure all the grounds in it have submerged perfectly. Fill up the carafe till it reaches about half full.

Step 4: Letting It Bloom

Hit your timer and wait for 30 seconds. It’s called blooming; in this process, your coffee is going to release gases such as carbon dioxide, which will do good extraction when you will pour the remaining water. Here controlling the balance of the temperature matters most.

The blooming process is going to take about 30 seconds, and you will see the coffee is getting bubbly and increasing in volume. Now, you got to give it a gentle stir using a wooden spoon (whatever spoon you like) to break the crust properly.

Step 5: Adding More Water

It’s time to add some more hot water to fill the remaining space in the carafe. But keep it under control, don’t let it overflow. You got to add a lower plunger and lid a bit till the mesh touches the water surface slightly. Wait! Don’t even try to push the plunger completely off yet.

Step 6: Brewing and Plunging the Coffee

Well, you can brew the coffee in several ways. However, we would suggest you do the impression brewing. The explains it almost, yes, it’s going to plunge the grounds in the water.

The process is not that easy. You have to let the coffee and water interact properly before anything else. Hit the timer and wait for around four minutes to brew the coffee properly.

You can press down the filter and get your coffee. You could also unplug it completely and let the coffee pour into your mug. An essential thing here is to control the impression.


Enjoy the taste of the amazing cup of coffee and give us a thumbs up. Congratulation! You have just crafted an essential skill in your life. Here’s what you have more about the best French press coffee.

Common Mistakes When Brewing French Press Coffee

A French press can deliver you an excellent cup of coffee, but first and foremost, you got to know the way. Here’s how you may mess up your French press coffee:

  • A mistake in Grinding the Beans
  • Taking the Wrong Quantity of Coffee
  • Leaving the coffee in the French Press

A mistake in Grinding the Beans

When it comes to getting an excellent cup of coffee, grinding is an essential thing to focus on. To make French press, the beans need to be coarse, even ground.

Most importantly, you need some freshly ground beans. So, yeah, go out and get a grinder now! Here we have the Best coffee grinder for the French press for you.

Taking the Wrong Quantity of Coffee

The coffee-to-water-ratio plays an important role in making a good cup of coffee. Here’s a common rule, when making French press coffee keep the range of 1:10 coffee-to-water-ratio. So, you use 1 gram of coffee for 10 grams of water.

Leaving the coffee in the French Press

When you leave the coffee inside the French fresh after the brewing is done, you will get an over-extracted and bitter coffee.

You might think everything is fine as you have pushed down the plunger but it is going to keep brewing. So, the solution here is to prepare that the amount of coffee you will drink.

Final Words

Having a French press device is the best way to enjoy the excellent aroma of a coffee. Most people out there never get to experience the original, pure taste of coffee because they have been drinking low-quality ones, and also, they might have been using the wrong method and device.

And that’s where getting a French press can be your way out. Trust me; you won’t regret getting one. I hope now you can go to your friends and show them off that you know how to make French press coffee.

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