Common Types of Coffee Makers

During 2018-19, the US consumers alone have consumed over 1.63 million kilograms of coffee. That says a lot about how massively popular coffee shots are among modern consumers. That being said, according to the Independent, UK coffee lovers consume 90% of the coffee at home.

This indicates that people are more and more getting interested in making their own fresh cup of coffee. It’s not that coffee shops are shutting down, but it definitely shows a rise in the coffee-making revolution at home.

So how do you make coffee at home? Well, there are different types of machines for that. In this piece, we will show you some of the most commonly used machines to make coffee at home and how effective they are!

Different Types of Coffee Makers

While there are many ways to make yourself a nice and warm cup of coffee, we will be focusing on some of the most popular and easy to find ways. So here we go.

  • Automatic Coffee Makers
  • Smart Coffee Maker
  • Manual Coffee Maker
  • Espresso Machine
  • Manual Espresso Machine

Automatic Coffee Makers

Commonly known as a Drip coffee maker, an automatic coffee machine is what it sounds – automatic. You have to grind the coffee beans first with some manual or automatic way that has nothing to do with the machine.

Then simply put the ground coffee inside the device. The machine comes with 3 crucial parts. The water reservoir, the coffee ground dripping area, and the heating pad.

When you pour water into the reservoir, the water is reserved there. Once you switch the machine on, the water from this tank flows through a tube towards the coffee ground. On its way, the heating pad heats the tube up and eventually boils the water inside.

The boiled water then drips over the ground and takes out the coffee oil known as Caffeol. This Caffeol is then dropped inside the coffee mug that is waiting at the bottom of the output mouth of the device.

Smart Coffee Maker

Coffee makers have just got smart. The smart coffee maker is exactly what you are assuming it to be. Like a smartphone, a smart home, a smart TV, a smart coffee maker is a regular brewing machine that can be controlled by a smartphone app.

With a smart coffee maker at your home, you can easily operate it with your phone’s app. Want a sip of fresh coffee right now? Simply take out the phone and connect to the machine using your Wi-Fi connection.

Click the brew button to start brewing coffee right away. Similarly, you can make a schedule for coffee brewing, as well. It works just like setting the alarm. You select the days and times when you need to machine to start brewing coffee. When the time is there, the coffee is ready.

You can also control the device with home assistance devices like Amazon Alexa and GoogleHome. Through these devices, you can simply tell the machine to brew coffee for you, and the coffee maker will do exactly as it is told.

Manual Coffee Maker

The manual coffee maker is a simple non-electric machine that needs manual employment of effort to brew coffee. Every single type of manual coffee maker uses the same method to make coffee. It creates pressure over the water and makes it pierce through coffee that is packed in the handle of it.

You can always control how much water you will use in the coffee you are making. It’s easy to change and control the level of water you are putting. Although automatic machines have this option, too, as automatic ones are preset, these machines tend to fill up the same amount of water every time.

Manual machines come in two types – spring and direct lever. You can find a cavity in the top of the machine to fill it up with the brewing water. This happens when you completely engage the lever. The valve between the boiler and the top-heat gets opened, and the water enters the grouphead.

This is how the actual coffee-making process is applied to a manual coffee maker.

Espresso Machine

This is one of the most commonly used coffee makers in households. It allows you to make coffee from the beans. You don’t need to grind the beans at all. All you need to do is simply pour the beans into the bean chamber of the espresso machine.

The beans will then get ground, and the device will carry the ground beans to the brewing chamber. A water reservoir attached at the back of the machine will flow hot water to get mixed up with the ground coffee. Once met, the output is a nice, tender, and fresh cup of coffee.

Manual Espresso Machine

The manual espresso machine works exactly on the same mechanism as a mechanical one. But this is completely manual, and you’re the one in control. You have to grind the beans with a coffee grinder that comes with the machine and put the ground coffee in the machine. Add boiled hot water to it. After that, you simply connect a lever – either spring-piston or direct, with a pressure machine. Put the necessary pressure on the ground coffee and water mix. You can see the freshly brewed coffee is leaking through the lower panel – ready for taking a sip!

Final Words

So that was all we had for the most commonly used coffee makers. If you’re planning to get one for your home, make sure you’re picking one of these regular types that we have mentioned. You can either go manual to save some bucks, but it will make your physical effort mandatory.

If you choose to go for electrical ones, it may cost a bit, but it will leave you quite relaxed and chilled!

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