Grind Coffee Beans without a Grinder

7 Ways to Grind Coffee Beans without a Grinder

You just came home from the store with a nice pack of coffee beans as it seemed quite tasty and refreshing. But to your utter frustration - you discover that the coffee grinder is out of order! What to do then?

Should you just leave the pack away and have a cup of tea instead? Hell no! If only you knew how you could grind coffee beans without a coffee grinder! Well, here we are to the rescue!

Find out these 7 ways to grind coffee beans without a grinder! Save this page for these life-hacks to never miss out on a refreshing coffee session just because you don’t have a functioning grinder!

7 Clever Ways to Grind Coffee Beans

In addition to the electric coffee grinder, there are many other types of hand grinders with which you can quickly grind coffee beans. However, in this article, we have discussed 7 simple ways to grind coffee beans without using a grinding machine.

Method 1: Mortar and Pestle

Pharmacists and cooks have been using the mortar and pestle to grind herbs and spices for ages before modern grinding devices were made. You can use this age-old technique to grind the coffee beans with a bit of physical effort.


  1. Fill in the mortar with a scoop of coffee beans
  2. Hold the pestle with your right/left hand (whichever is your dominant one)
  3. Press and put force on the beans to crush all the beans
  4. Drag all the bean-parts from different sides to the middle
  5. Roll the pestle around the mortar to give an even texture to all the beans.

Method 2: A General Blender

Who needs a grinder when you have a blender in the house? A blender is often powerful enough to grind beans, too. Some blenders may come with a ‘Grinder’ mode, as well.


  1. If the blender has a ‘Grinder’ mode, select it. If not, then put it in a Medium-High option.
  2. Put an adequate amount of coffee beans inside.
  3. Start blending in a ‘Pulse’ method - not blending in a continuous way.
  4. To achieve the best result, tilt the blender to make sure that all the larger beans are perfectly ground.
  5. Stop the blender at regular intervals, and once done, take out the ground beans.

Method 3: Use a Hammer

One good way to crush and make ground coffee is to use a hammer. The science is simple - you put the coffee beans in a plastic bag, you crush the beans by hammering them over the bag, and you enjoy the coffee beans!


  1. First, take a large plastic bag with a zipper on it.
  2. Put a handful of coffee beans inside the zipper bag and zip it up.
  3. Place a cutting board or a hardboard underneath the bag
  4. Now gently start hammering the beans over the bag
  5. Continue hammering until the beans are crushed at an even size

Method 4: Rolling Pin

A classic rolling pin can work as a great tool to grind beans. If you can use it properly, it may even get you a better result than a coffee grinder.


  1. Put the coffee beans in a plastic zipper back and zip it up.
  2. Take a cutting board and place the plastic bag in a lay-down method
  3. Use the rolling pin as a hammer and crush the beans into smaller pieces
  4. Now roll the rolling pin like you’re trying to make a paste out of the beans

Methods 5: Using a Knife

It may sound a bit weird but using a knife to grind coffee beans is a great idea. The butcher’s knife or the chef’s knife is actually a bit flat, and the edges are a bit stiff. It gives you good leverage over the grinding of coffee beans with it.

Crushing coffee beans with a knife will give you significant control over the beans so that you can get what you want. But this method needs a bit of expertise and experience. So if you are doing it for the first time, considering taking the help of someone experienced.


  1. First off, take the coffee beans and put on a flat countertop in the kitchen. You can also consider using a durable cutting board.
  2. Now take a butcher’s knife and place it over the beans in a flat position.
  3. Lay your flat palm over the knife and slowly press on the beans
  4. Put a towel underneath so that the beans don’t fall off the top.
  5. Use safety gloves to save your hand from the sharp edge of the knife.
  6. Once the beans are crushed, roll the knife towards you to have finer beans.

Method 6: Food Processor

Similar to a blender, a food processor is also pretty much useful when it comes to grinding coffee beans. Although it is not the best of the options, when you’re stuck with a non-functional coffee grinder, it still works!


  1. Take a scoop of coffee beans and pour the scoop into the processor bowl. Cover it up with the lid
  2. Use the ‘Pulse’ method to grind the beans by grinding in short bursts.
  3. Tilt the machine to make sure the large beans are also crushed by the blade
  4. Once done, take out the beans and put more to continue.

Method 7: A Hand Mincer

Although hand mincers are usually used for grinding meat, in dire situations, you can also use it for grinding coffee beans, as well. It is totally a manually-operated machine, so you need to be careful in using it.


  1. Take a handful amount of coffee beans as the meat mincer won’t be able to hold as many beans as you regularly grind.
  2. Place a collecting container at the exit of the mincer
  3. Turn the handle slowly but put a bit of pressure
  4. Collect the ground coffee from the container

Final Words

So now you know how to grind coffee without grinder if you don’t have one. For any coffee-lover, it is tough to refrain from having a fresh cup of coffee when you feel like taking one. There’s no reason you should not have a sip if the grinder is not there or malfunctioning.

Make sure you bookmark this page, as you may need to take different routes to grind coffee beans once in a while! Apply any of these 7 methods to make yourself a tasty, energizing cup of coffee in no time!

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