How Long Does Ground Coffee Last

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world It packs a lot of punch to help us get through a busy and at the same time helps our mind relax and stay calm. Chances are, you’ve been consuming ground coffee your whole life as it is accessible and more convenient to do so.

Much has been said about ground coffee and the whole coffee bean and ground coffee debate has been raging for a while now. But this article is about an important aspect of ground coffee, how long does ground coffee last? Let’s find out!

How long does Ground Coffee last?

So how long does this coffee last? Let’s answer it right here, and right now!

First of all, we need to consider a couple of things when we ask how long does ground coffee last. Do we mean how long until it’s still potent enough to drink? Or we mean the expiration date that it can no longer be consumed?

A few factors affect how long your ground coffee will last, mainly is storage, second is its preparation, and then the coffee type.

When pre-ground coffee is stored in airtight packaging plus in a dry storage area, it can last for up to 3 to 5 months after the indicated sell-by date. If stored in a freezer and left unopened it is going to still be potent and relatively fresh for a whopping 2 more years.

Lastly, does ground coffee expire? answer is instant coffee which we are all so familiar with are packaged to last for up to 12 to 18 months.

How to store Ground Coffee?

So now you know how long does ground coffee lasts! Knowing how to extend the shelf life of your favorite drink should now be next on your to-do list.

The very basic yet effective things to remember when storing your coffee is to limit or not expose it at all to sunlight, moisture, and most especially to air. Your pantry should be a good place to store it and make it a habit to squeeze the air out before resealing the packaging.

Another option is to store your coffee in airtight packaging or container (preferably) and store it in your fridge. Hardcore coffee aficionados though would recommend for you to just buy your whole coffee beans and grind them when you prefer instead.

How to tell if this Coffee is bad?

Given that you already know how long does this coffee last then you will already have an idea as to when to check your coffee if it has already gone bad or won’t be much to drink.

The best way to go about testing your coffee is – by smelling it. One reason why coffee is so good is because of its pleasant aroma and without that means your coffee is already no good or has gone bad. At the very least it has already lost all its flavors. The ground coffee can also now be lighter brown instead of its usual dark brown flavor.

Whole Beans or Ground Coffee?

This article won’t be complete without the old whole beans or ground coffee debate right? Well, we won’t answer for you we’re just going to break down the difference and let you decide which you prefer. (Hint: You can have both!)

Whole bean coffee once properly stored will have a freshness, aroma, and flavor advantage over this coffee. But there are a lot of ground coffee brands right now that can give whole bean ones a run for their money. Plus this coffee is always accessible and can be turned into a nice cup on the go.

What happens to coffee after it is grounded?

This process affects as to how long does ground coffee last. Once grounded, the coffee loses its potency more than we want it to. That’s why it’s quite important to store or pack it properly. Exposure to the elements can quickly ruin it.

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Tim Hortons Original Ground Coffee

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Dunkin’ Donuts Ground Coffee

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100% Colombian Kirkland Signature Coffee Supremo Bean Dark Roast-Fine Grind

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Farmer Brothers Medium Roast Ground Coffee

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This is premium coffee that can be yours to sip daily. It has superb taste and flavor and something that you won’t ever regret trying.

You should be able to maximize the potency of these blends given that you already know how long does ground coffee last.

The questions that many ask

Here are some common questions about this coffee since we’ve already answered as to how long does this coffee last.

Does ground coffee expire?

It doesn’t expire in the way we think it does. It only loses potency to the point it won’t taste good to drink, but it won’t probably make you sick.

How long can you keep ground coffee for?

As answered above, it varies depending on how it’s stored, from weeks to even years.

Does coffee go bad?

It goes stale or loses flavor but doesn’t expire as any other drink does. About more details CLICK HERE

How can you tell if coffee is rancid?

When smelling it feels like it already lacks flavor and aroma. And when you drink it, it grips the side of your tongue.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, knowing how long does this coffee last is a great way to make sure you consume only the best quality coffee to spice up your day. So stay chill, stay relaxed, and sip like a true coffee aficionado.

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