Best Light Roast Coffee Beans

It is somewhat confusing to buy the best Light Roast Coffee Beans. Especially where there are a lot of Light Roast Coffee Beans out there in the market.

However, if you know your stuff and understand what you are looking for, buying the Coffee may be easier. First, you’ll have to determine the Coffee and then choose the perfect one to serve your purpose the best.

In this article, I’ll provide you with a list of the 10 best light roast coffees for taking to gratify your intention. It doesn’t matter whether you are a regular or irregular coffee fan; all of these ten coffees can serve your purposes. So, you should not get puzzled, seeing hundreds of cafes in the market as you are guaranteed to get the best one once you follow my guide.

Moreover, I recommend that you read through the full review before deciding which one you will buy. Coffees come in different tastes, qualities, and prices. Unless you go through the full review, you won’t understand which one will truly satisfy your requirement.

If you do not have the patience or time to read through the full guide, I want you to get back. The best Coffee I can suggest for you to buy right now would be the Breakfast Blend Light Roast Coffee Beans.

In this light roast coffee beans review, I’m going to show all the features that these coffees offer to their users. Lastly, I’ll review my opinion if you should invest your money in this Coffee or not.

Here are the ten best Light Roast Coffee Beans you can choose to satisfy your thirst. So, let’s get started with our review.

What are Light Roast Coffee Beans?

When we talk about light roast coffee beans, it simply means the beans that we roast less than dark roast. The over-roasted beans are normally darker than light roast beans. When we roast the beans more, that is, for a long time than normal time, they grow dark.

Typically, light roast coffee beans possess a powerful flavor and bear almost the same amount of caffeine as a dark roast. In some cases, light roast coffee may contain more caffeine than dark roast coffee.

Light roast coffee simply bears a light brown color, and it doesn’t have any oil on the surface of the beans. These coffees have excessive acidity, a mellow body, and excellent flavors. We normally roast these coffees at a moderate temperature to maintain the original character of the beans.

What Does Light Roast Coffee Taste Like?

All the coffees may not taste the same. There is a massive taste difference between mild, light, and dark roasted coffee.

The dark and extra dark roast coffee appears bitter or almost burnt taste. However, light roast coffee is differentiated by a sweet and pungent taste because it hasn’t lost its raw flavors during roasting.

Another excellent taste of mild roast coffee is the fact that it’s a flavor that is sweet and has a powerful odor.

Some mild roast coffee even shows aromatic floral notes. Still, the flavor of mild roast may always fluctuate with the processing system used.

​Light roast coffee is a complex, expensive mouthfeel but has a deep flavor. Stay with a few moments learning light roast coffee, and you will learn a lot about your palette.

Light Roast vs. Dark Roast Coffee

Whether you have a coffee snob or not, you can determine the taste of coffee by its roast level. Just before roasting, the green coffee beans are fresh, flavorful soft, and flavorful beans. Once the raw beans are roasted, they are transformed into flavored and shredded beans.

If you are new to the game of learning about great coffee, here are some basics.

What is the difference between light roast and dark roast coffee? Well, roast. Ark-fried beans are left in a much longer roast than light-fried beans. But do you know how it affects the entire bin? We’ll tell you.

When heating coffee beans, you are forcing all the water and moisture out.

Coffee beans that are lightly fried will inevitably retain more moisture inside, making it thicker than a dark roasted coffee that is left on the heat, forcing any excess moisture to evaporate.

Next time we’ve summarized a simple roast layer and color gradation for each bean to help you search for the best light roast coffee or dark roast coffee.

  • Light roast coffee beans have the original flavor of the brewed bean after the roasting.
  • The coffee bean becomes heavier because it absorbs heat. It’s sweet-toned and tastes citrusy.
  • Light roast coffee beans tend to look dry while dark roast appears glossy and oily on the bean surface.
  • Light roast coffee beans tend to seem dry while dark roast seems glossy and fatty on the bean surface.
  • Since the java beans absorb warmth, the caffeine amount reduces as well as the beans’ color gets darker.

Product Chart

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

Real Good Coffee Co Whole Bean Coffee, Breakfast Blend Light Roast Coffee Beans, 2 Pound Bag

We, Real Good coffee co, are proud of making really good coffee. Good coffee may not offer premium and doesn’t use the exotic name and fancy packaging. We never desire to attract coffee drinkers with gimmicks. If you once have the taste of the coffee, you will be able to get an idea.

We roast the fresh coffee beans in Seattle, the USA that is suitable for use in any coffee machine, including Aeropress, pour-over, drip machines, espresso makers, and Moka pots.

It is, in fact, a caffeinated light roast coffee that will give you the energy you need to keep going all day long.

We make the whole Bean Coffee with 100% Arabica coffee beans. This light roast coffee is indeed authentic and has no additives, preservatives, or artificial ingredients.

Our Breakfast Blend coffee has a smooth flavor with a brisk citrus taste as well as smooth aromatic notes of milk chocolate and cream.

At a glance

  • Suitable for use in any coffee machine
  • Caffeinated light roast coffee
  • Provide energy to keep going all day long
  • Made from 100% Arabica coffee beans
  • Provide energy to keep going all day long

Coffee Bean Direct Hawaiian Kona Blend Coffee, Light Roast, Whole Bean, 5 Pound

Coffee beans direct are highly conscious and passionate about making coffee. They are committed to offering the best coffee to the users. They perform their activities sincerely in packing their products, and they are proud of it.

We apply expert roasters to maintain unique freshness to our coffee. We collect coffee from Brazil, Costa Rica, Sumatra, Kenya, and Kona to find the most flavorful beans. Even we source our beans from all around the world and roast precisely every day for making our coffee.

Moreover, we pack every bag of coffee by hand to ensure the same quality as your local coffee shop’s best brew. The roasting process plays an important role in the case of its being light or dark.

You have to roast the coffee beans at a temperature of 355°F to 400°F to get a light roast coffee.

This blend has 10% real Kona coffee beans along with a specialty blend of other high-quality Arabica beans. It possesses the flavor notes of coriander, buttery macadamia nut, & mocha.

At a glance

  • A lightly roasted blend
  • 100 percent Arabica coffee
  • Roasted with expert roasters
  • Roasted with a temperature of 355°F to 400°F
  • Possesses the flavor notes of coriander, buttery macadamia nut

Tiny Footprint Coffee Organic Signature Blend Light Roast, Whole Bean

Our Tiny Footprint Coffee is made up of caring the nature and experts combined. Our experts roast our coffee beans in a vintage 90-kilo German-built Probat drum roaster and taste each a lot before approving its purchase.

We pour our endless hours and efforts into sourcing the finest Arabic coffee beans from around the globe. Its coffee aroma, bright lemon, and orange flavor profile take it to the next level. It is less acidic and contains low caffeine. We are the world’s first carbon-negative whole coffee beans.

It takes 4 lbs. of CO2 to produce and distribute 1 lb. of our coffee. For each pound of our product we sold, we donate a portion of our profit to fund the reforestation process in Ecuador’s Mindo cloud forest. Over time, these trees will remove 54 lbs. of CO2 from the atmosphere.

That also gives shelter to birds, reinforces soil conservation techniques, and rebuilds water tables. Our vintage 60s Probat roaster is controlled by computer, that is, along with its fuel-efficient ribbon burners as well.

At a glance

  • Light Roasted
  • Carbon-Negative
  • Bright lemon and orange with cocoa-flavored
  • Less acidic
  • Caffeinated

Starbucks Blonde Roast Whole Bean Coffee – Veranda Blend – 100% Arabica – 6 bags (12 oz. each)

Starbucks Blonde Roast Whole Bean Coffee produces strong, bold coffee. It also makes the best, smoothest, and cleanest tasting coffee out of our blends. Our whole coffee beans are of Latin America’s origin. We sipped at our coffee with the family of the coffee farmer of Latin America on their veranda.

In Latin America, these farmers live in the same land where they grow their coffee and, they are doing it for decades. We are offering you the real esthetic taste of their light roast coffee in every whole coffee bean.

Its veranda flavor means that you can have the same taste that these farmers get in their veranda, the original esthetic taste. We take up to 80 tries to get its right flavor and taste that is mellow and flavorful with a nice softness. It’s our lightest roast ever.

To achieve this specialty, we require a unique balance between time and temperature while roasting. This unique control on roasting gives our beans a pleasurable aroma, texture, body, and flavor. It’s less acidic and contains caffeine.

At a glance

  • Light Roasted
  • Light Roast flavored
  • Whole Bean Coffee
  • Less acidic
  • Caffeinated

Panera Bread Coffee, Light Roast, 12 Ounce

We Panera Bread Coffee processes the best quality of light roast coffee to take your taste to another level. Our experts source the best Arabic Originated beans throughout the world. Then they are ready for roasting. Our experts roast the coffee beans by balancing temperature and time.

It needs to be very in control because a bit more time can lead to failure. The roasting process gives it an oil coating throughout its surface. These enzymes give us the coffee aroma; that’s why it’s famous. It contains fine texture, body, and flavor.

Its coffee aroma and flavor of sweet roasted nuts make it way special. Our coffee beans are acidic and caffeinated. We don’t use any artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavors, or colors from artificial sources.

That ensures allows you to taste the pure natural taste of light roast coffee. We packed our beans fresh with love and, each of our bags contains 12 light roast ground coffee.

At a glance

  • Light Roasted
  • Veranda flavored
  • Roasted with expert roasters
  • Less acidic
  • Caffeinated

Peet’s Coffee Colombia Luminosa Light Roast Ground Coffee, 12 Ounce Bag

Our Peet’s Coffee Colombia Luminosa is committed to giving you the best light roast ground coffee experience. We source our beans from the highlands of the Huila region of Colombia. These rich, volcanic soil-grown coffee beans are known for their sweet and smooth character.

Our teams collect the best organic beans from this rich soil by keeping a good relationship with the grower. Our nine artisan roasters are roasting our coffee beans in small batches, with hands, and not by a computer. Its Colombia Luminosa flavor is a unique one for us.

It’s bright, full-bodied, full of textured, and with a delicate sweet aroma. It’s acidic and contains caffeine like most light roast coffee has. Its pleasant and mild characteristics and the subtle sweetness of Colombia with just the right touch of Ethiopian floral aromatics are a unique peculiarity of us.

Our ground, fresh beans are packed in the bag (12 Ounces per pack) with love. We make sure to give you the freshest coffee possible. Try our Peet’s Coffee to start a beautiful morning or evening.

At a glance

  • Light Roasted
  • Colombia Luminosa Flavored
  • Item Form Ground
  • Less acidic
  • Caffeinated

Café Don Pablo Subtle Earth Organic Light Roast Whole Bean Coffee

Our brand “Cafe Don Pablo” makes the best light roast whole coffee beans since we started from our love for coffee. We care a lot about the quality that makes us very special. We pour a lot of our time to collect the best organically Arabic-originated whole coffee beans throughout the world.

Since we love to roast, we give our all efforts to roast the coffee beans with a great combination of time and temperature. That unique combination of time and temperature ensures the best taste of light roast coffee.

Our beans are rich in aroma, texture, and body. We also donate part of our success for an unwavering commitment to quality. That is why we focus meticulous attention on details of each stage of our production to ensure a fresh, rich, and delicious cup of coffee every time.

So, try our Cafe Don Pablo, it’s risk-free if you don’t love our coffees, contact us directly through Amazon. And we will also happily refund your order.

At a glance

  • Light Roasted
  • Light Roast flavored
  • Whole Bean Coffee
  • Less acidic
  • Caffeinated

Caribou Coffee, Daybreak Morning Blend Light Roast, 20 oz. Bag, Light Roast Blend

The Caribou Coffee Company is a dedicated coffee bean roaster and seller to give you the best taste of light roast coffee since we started. Our Daybreak coffee beans are 100% Arabic originated and source from the Americas and East Africa.

After finding the best quality beans, they are handcrafted in small batches and rigorously tested at multiple points throughout their journey to ensure the finest flavors. Our roastery is one of the globe’s most sophisticated coffee kitchens.

Our Daybreak is a lightly roasted coffee with its lovely chocolate brown on the lighter end of our roasting spectrum. We design and build with a primary focus on quality by using the best equipment with the latest technology from Europe and the United States.

We provide subtle fruit sweetness with cheery floral overtones, sweet caramel, and a nut finish. Our coffee Caribou sells 100 percent Rainforest Alliance Certified for its sustainability and sourced responsibly for a healthier planet. Our every bag contains 20 Ounces of fresh beans that are good for quick and easy brewing.

At a glance

  • Light Roasted
  • 100% Arabic Origin
  • Item Form Ground
  • Less acidic
  • 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified

Kicking Horse Coffee, Hola, Light Roast, Ground, 10 oz – Certified Organic, Fairtrade, Kosher Coffee

Our Kicking Horse Coffee is unique, and our experts ensure you the best light roast coffee experience to another level. The beans are Arabica originated and, our experts source it from the region of Central & South America.

They monitor the roasting process by keeping the best combination of time and temperature and, this light roasting gives it a unique brown sugar, rich nougat, cocoa powder aroma. It’s Hola – Light Roast flavored. It is low acidic and contains less caffeine which makes it good for your health.

The taste notes are juicy red currant acidity paired with a creamy honey body. The beans are available in the ground, packed in fresh with love and, each can contains 100 Ounces of beans.

We recommend brew methods like Drip machine, pour-over, and cold brew to get the best of it.

It’s Fairtrade International certified and climate pledge friendly. Try our Kicking Horse Coffee, Hola, Light Roast, Ground, and 10 oz – Certified Organic, Fairtrade, and Kosher Coffee to boost your morning energy or have relaxed after a busy day with our premium quality.

At a glance

  • Light Roasted
  • 100% Arabic Origin
  • Hola – Light Roast Flavored
  • Less acidic
  • 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified

Tiny Footprint Coffee Organic Signature Blend Light Roast, Whole Bean

Tiny Footprint Coffee is best known for its quality regarding coffee beans to give you the best light roast coffee experience. We pour our endless hours and efforts into sourcing the finest Arabic coffee beans from around the globe.

We use our artistic vintage 90-kilo German-built Probat drum roaster and taste each a lot before approving. It is controlled by computers and has fuel-efficient ribbon burners. Our experts love roasting and, they give them all their efforts to roast the coffee beans with a great combination of time and temperature.

We are the world’s first carbon-negative whole coffee beans. Because It takes 4 lbs. of CO2 to produce and distribute 1 lb. of our coffee and, we remove 54 lbs. of CO2 from the atmosphere over time. We remove CO2 from the atmosphere by donating a portion of our profit to the reforestation process in Ecuador’s Mindo cloud forest.

Our whole bean ground coffee is less acidic and contains less caffeine. It’s bright lemon and orange flavored and, it’s Rain Forest Alliance certified.

At a glance

  • Light Roasted
  • Carbon-Negative
  • Bright lemon and orange with cocoa-flavored
  • Less acidic
  • Certified

How to Roast Coffee Beans at Home

Roasting coffees is not an easy task; it is like creativity. However, roasting coffee varies greatly depending on roasting methods, bean types, and environmental factors. It is also an experimental factor.

If you are a new person in this field, you will perhaps burn a few beans during your roasting process, and even you may burn some of your fingers. Coffee roasting is an art and experiment but not a science.

This guide will provide you with the essential information on how to roast your coffee beans at home, whatever your skill level is.

There are several ways and methods to roast coffee, depending upon how much you want to spend on equipment and the amount of coffee you would like to roast.

Domestic oven or stovetop popcorn popper

It is one of the easiest ways to roast the coffee beans is to keep a layer of beans on a baking tray or in the oven. It may take you around 15-20 minutes to get roasted. You can even use stovetop popcorn poppers for home roasting because they roast a larger amount of beans and provide more control of temperature.

Moreover, you can adjust the gas flame and agitate the coffee beans by cranking the handle. It will assist you in getting excellent results in roast color.

Domestic roasting equipment

A home coffee roaster will offer more control over the progress of the roast. Some machines even provide excellent temperature control, airflow, and chaff collection. Even this equipment makes a more consistent roast without burning and has marvelous color on the bean surface.

We recommend you collect beans from a genuine source, which is considerably different in taste than others. In this case, you have to collect beans from different countries. If you follow the above process, you will be able to feel the differences in flavor.

The Stages you can expect to see (and hear):

1. Color Change

The coffee beans don’t change for the first few minutes and remain almost green. After a few minutes, the beans start changing from green to brown, and ultimately those transform into peanut color or light yellow or golden color. You can even feel the fragrance of grass and hay when the color changes from green to other colors.

2. First crack

It is the second stage of the roasting process when the beans get wrinkled. In this stage, you will find that steam starts rising from the beans and produces the fragrance of baking toast. You will also hear the sound of the first crack at this point.

It is also the period when the roasting becomes exciting. At this point, sugars start to caramelize, water comes out in the form of vapor, and steam causes the cell structure of the bean to break open.

In this situation, you can consider the roast to be complete. Now you can have a perfectly drinkable coffee with a light roast.

3. Caramelization

If you want to continue roasting after this point, the heat reserved input will cause the oils to drift to the surface. Here the beans get large as the roast color darkens. When the roast progresses to the margin of “second crack,” you will think it to be a good place to stop.

4. Second crack- completion of roast

When you attain the desired color and level of roast, pour the beans into a metal strainer and blow on them to remove the remaining husk. Once you have reached the desired color and degree of roast, pour the beans into a metal strainer and blow on them to remove any remaining chaff.

You should remember that there is a hidden heat contained in the beans, and therefore they will continue to roast even if you have removed them from the source of heat.

So, you need to remove the beans from the heat source a bit before they reach the desired temperature. It may take you a few attempts to get this perfectly.

5. Storage and brewing

When your beans get completely cool to a natural temperature, you have to store your coffee in an airtight container. We also suggest you expel de-gas carbon dioxide overnight before sealing. We further suggest you keep your roasted coffee in a cool and dry environment.

Moreover, you have to keep your roasted coffee away from direct sun- exposure. If you follow the above rules, your beans will remain fresh for up to 6 weeks when you store them. Similarly, you have to store your green (unroasted) coffee so that it does not get damaged quickly.

undoubtedly it will keep fresh for up to 6 months. Your enjoyment of drinking coffee depends on how you wish to brew it. Peak flavors may get out overnight in case of filter brewing. But if you desire to drink espresso, wait for several days for degassing before preparing your shots.


Is light roast coffee the strongest?

According to the comparison of caffeine content, light roasts are stronger than dark roasts. On the other hand, if you compare a view to flavors, darker roasts will have a much richer and bolder taste than light roast coffee.

Lighter coffee contains more flavors than darker coffee and offers a more distinct taste if you compare lightly roasted beans from different regions.

Is light or dark roast coffee bitterer?

Lighter roasts are higher in caffeine content (which decreases slightly during the roasting process), but it is less bitter, and brighter than dark roast coffee.

It retains more of the specific flavor characteristics of the region where the farmer grows beans. On the other hand, in dark roast coffee, much of the flavor depends on the roasting process.

Is light roast coffee easier on the stomach?

A study published in 2010 showed that dark roast coffee is easier for the stomach than light roast coffee because it produces an ingredient that hinders hydrochloric acid from piling up in the stomach. The study further indicates that the use of the cold brew method increases the pH level of coffee.

Why is light roast coffee better?

Light roast coffees put a higher emphasis on antioxidants known as polyphenol chlorogenic acid. This antioxidant creates an acidic taste in coffee. Because having antioxidants, it can help reduce inflammation, cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and so on.

What is the most popular coffee roast?

Light Roast The most common variety here is Half City or Cinnamon Roast. The beans will look pale and dry, resulting in a coffee with a slightly lower body and usually no signs of the roasting process.

Light roast beans have unique flavors.


We know that many people search for the best Light Roast Coffee Beans. So, I would like to provide you with all the necessary information to make the right choice. Whether you are the owner of a coffee shop or a coffee drinker, you should choose the right type of Coffee that can provide you with satisfaction.

They come up with different qualities, tastes, and prices. But remember that all types of coffees cannot equally satisfy your expected purposes.

However, I have reviewed some of the light roast coffees available on the market, and we hope you will find the information useful.

If you ever decide to purchase one of these coffees, it will help you determine which one would be suitable for you. If you think this information is helpful, please spread the good news to your family and friends in making a perfect choice.

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