Best French Roast Coffee [2021] Reviews & Top Picks

It is somewhat confusing to buy the best French roast coffee as there are a lot of coffees in the market. However, if you know your stuff and comprehend what you are looking for, buying the coffees may be more comfortable. First, you’ll have to determine the coffee and then choose the perfect one to serve your purpose the best.In this article, I’ll provide you with ten best French Roast coffees for gratifying your thirst for coffee. It is not a matter whether you are a regular or occasional coffee drinker; all of these ten coffees can serve your purposes. So, it would be best if you did not get puzzled, seeing hundreds of coffees in the market as you are guaranteed to get the best one if you follow my article.Moreover, I suggest that you read through the full review before deciding which one you will buy. Coffees come up with a different pack, flavor, quality, taste, and price. Unless you go through the full report, you won’t understand which one will truly satisfy your requirement.

French Roast Coffee

If you do not have the patience or time to read through the full guide, I want you to get back. The best coffee I can suggest for you to buy right now would be the SF Bay Coffee French Roast Whole Bean.

In this French Roast Coffee review, I’m going to show all the features these coffees offer to their users. Moreover, I’ll review my opinion if you should invest your money in this coffee or not.Here are the ten best French Roast Coffee Beans you can choose from to satisfy your thirst. So, let’s get started with our article.

What Is French Roast Coffee?

French roast coffee is such a type of coffee that many coffee drinkers like to enjoy. It is darker than average coffee and has a smoky sweetness, and in most cases, it contains a charred taste. The coffee drinkers who are not interested in this coffee call it a burnt coffee.

Once upon a time, this coffee was famous throughout most of the countries in Europe in the 19th century. Sometimes, the coffee drinkers wrongly term it as Espresso roast, Turkish roast, or simply as Dark roast.

French Roast Coffee: Dark or Light?

Before categorizing if French roast coffee is dark or light, we have to know the range of coffees’ roasting levels. The Specialty Coffee Association of America has measured the scale to differentiate among coffees of different roasts by rating them on a range between 25 to 95.

Here 95 indicates the lightest roast and 25 indicates the darkest roast. French Roasted coffee scores somewhere around 30, and so we can typically term it almost as one of the darkest coffees. French roast, Italian roast, continental roast, espresso roast, and New Orleans are generally darker than familiar darkness.

These coffees are often blacker than most of the black coffees. These coffees’ surface is very oily—the roasters roast these coffees to the utmost level where the coffee loses the characteristics of their origin.

What Does French Roast Coffee Taste Like?

French Roast Coffee is a combination of different flavors. In most of the cases, it is bitter, but the taste may vary if you include other ingredients. The changing taste may be sweet, slightly sour, or salty. Moreover, it can bear the taste of fruit, mint, or even candy.

The French roast coffee is garnished with a slightly smoky undertone, intense and bold. It is light and gives you a watery face feeling. It is sweet, which, in contrast, complements its bold nature as well.

Compared to its light roasted counterparts, it is less acidic.

It is roasted with French roast coffee, which determines the taste and aroma more than the beans used. Thus, the origin and variety of beans are not that important. They lose most of the original flavor profile, however, during the roasting process.

Even then, certain beans, especially those from Indonesia, are known for retaining their soil’s yummy taste, which can add a new dimension to your coffee experience.

In short, French roast coffee is:

  • Dark and intense
  • Sweet
  • With a thin mouthfeel
  • And a burnt undertone

A select few will offer a great, umami taste.

The comperison Chart of Best french roast Coffee

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Best French Roast Coffee Reviews with buying guide 2020

1. SF Bay Coffee French Roast Whole Bean 2LB (32 Ounce) Dark Roast

at a glance

  • Prepared from100% Arabica coffee beans
  • A blend of handpicked Arabica coffees
  • Certified kosher coffee beans
  • Contain intense, bold, and smoky flavor
  • Not suitable for the faint heart

We have decided to keep SF Bay Coffee French Roast Whole Bean Dark Roast on the first choice on our list. We try to select 100% Arabica coffee from whole beans & ground coffee to single-serve coffee pods.

We gather a blend of handpicked Arabica coffees and roast it very dark until the flavor oils rise to the bean’s surface. Our single-cup serves coffees are undoubtedly compatible with Keurig K-Cup brewers and other brands of single-serve brewers.

We assure you that our products are excellent and grown in a pretty environment. It is our top priority to satisfy you with the quality of all our products. The producers of San Francisco Bay Coffee use 100% Arabica coffee and certified kosher coffee beans.

It is a type of intense, bold, and smoky flavor coffee that is not suitable for the faint heart. The price is also not beyond your reach.

2. Gevalia French Roast Whole Bean Coffee (12 oz Bags, Pack of 6)

at a glance

  • Crafted in the Swedish tradition
  • Rich and never-bitter coffee
  • Made with 100% Arabica whole coffee beans
  • Any drip brewer is suitable for making coffee
  • Quickly grind able as per your wish

Gevalia French Roast Whole Bean Coffee is the product we have kept in the second place on our list. French Roast Coffee is a typical dark roast coffee where the beans have dark brown colors, natural flavors, and sometimes even bittersweet notes.

It has exotic hints of anise and rich undertones of raspberry and chocolate. Sweden is the country where the farmers grow Gevalia Dark French Roast Whole Bean Coffee traditionally. The producers collect Arabica whole coffee beans from around the world and make 100% Arabica whole coffee beans.

This French roast coffee has a complex flavor with smoky, dark fruit notes. Moreover, its Whole Bean Coffee is rich & never bitter. You can quickly grind these premium roasted whole coffee beans according to your requirement.

To keep the flavor, as usual, you have to lock in with the resealable bag of whole coffee beans after every opening. You can have an extra advantage, and that is, you can make the perfect coffee cup in any drip brewer.

3. Real Good Coffee Co Whole Bean Coffee, French Roast Extra Dark Coffee Beans, 2 Pound Bag

at a glance

  • Extra bold, dark roast whole bean coffee
  • Prepared from 100% Arabica coffee beans
  • Kosher dark roast whole bean coffee
  • Used no additives, preservatives, or artificial ingredients
  • Suitable for any good coffee machine

We have included French Roast Extra Dark Coffee Beans in the third place on our list. Real Good Coffee Company is a small team that prides itself on making excellent coffee. We never try to attract the coffee user with a false trick. If you once taste this coffee, you will be pleased.

We have been roasting coffee for more than 30 years and are dedicated to creating great coffee at fair value. We use the best whole beans to create a full-bodied roast that will undoubtedly satisfy even the most committed coffee drinkers. It does not have a bitter taste like many French Roasts do.

We prepare this coffee from 100% Arabica coffee beans and use perfect recyclable materials. This dark roast whole bean coffee is kosher, and we don’t use any additives, preservatives, or artificial ingredients.

Real Good Coffee Co French Roast coffee is a dark roast, extra bold coffee that offers a bold flavor with a slightly sweet finish.

4. Eight O’Clock Whole Bean Coffee, French Roast, 36 Ounce

at a glance

  • Made from 100% Arabica beans
  • A Dark roasted coffee
  • Spread complex flavor with smoky overtones
  • Prepared under the expert care of master roasters
  • A Kosher certified coffee

We have decided to keep Eight O’Clock Whole Bean Coffee, French Roast on our list of choices. The Eight O’Clock Coffee had a one and half-century tradition when we stated making America’s original gourmet whole bean coffee.

We have been applying our labor for over 150 years to prepare great coffee, and that has finally come through in every bag and every single-serve cup. We always collect 100% Arabica coffee beans to make this coffee under the extensive care of master roasters.

We try to make coffee as much as you love drinking it. Moreover, we roast all of our coffee beans at our facility in Maryland, USA, under the expert supervision of master roasters. We generally select the best beans, roast, and pack them carefully so that flavor does not get lost.

It is a genuine coffee, and so it has gained a kosher certificate. It has a complex flavor with smoky overtones. It is a perfect coffee for taking in the morning and evening for the coffee fans.

5. Stumptown Coffee Roasters French Roast Whole Bean Organic Coffee, 12 oz

at a glance

  • Smoky, but never burnt
  • Selected high-quality, dense beans
  • Offer every taste, from light to dark roasts
  • Remain fresh for 90 days if you leave it unopened
  • Provides a tasting note of clove & bittersweet chocolate

Stumptown Coffee Roasters began roasting exemplary coffee around 20 years ago. It is committed to collect, roast, and serve some of the best coffee in the world. Stumptown French Roast is a type of toasty, organic blend that redefines what a dark roast can be.

It might be big and smoky but never burnt. Our producers blend some of our finest Central and South American organic coffees and roast them to bring out a heightened body and sweetness. Also, we try to select high quality, dense beans that can withstand a deep roast.

We roast our coffee beans sincerely for every taste, from light to dark roasts. We use a particular type of bag that can keep coffee fresh for 90 days if you leave it unopened. We usually use manufacturing and expiry date on top of the bags.

For enjoying the best taste, you have to take the coffee within 2 weeks of opening. This coffee provides a tasting note of clove & bittersweet chocolate.

6. Starbucks French Roast Whole Bean Coffee, 40 Ounce

at a glance

  • A blend of 100% Arabica
  • One of the darkest coffees
  • Roasted until it burns
  • Spread smoky dark flavor, full-body, and bold taste
  • Has an exceptional popularity

Starbucks French Roast Whole Bean Coffee is also a product we have decided to keep on our list. It is one of the famous names in the coffee industry. Although it started its journey with a single store selling roasted coffee in Seattle, it is now one of the world’s biggest coffee franchises.

It has around 30,000 stores worldwide and a total of 15,149 Starbucks in the US alone. Starbucks French roast is as dark as the coffee beans can be. It is one of the most popular blends because there are so many people who like this coffee.

Starbucks mainly imports its coffee beans from 3 key coffee-growing regions, including Latin America, Africa, and the Asian Pacific. It is a blend of 100% Arabica coffees roasted until it’s almost burnt.

This spread out the smoky dark flavors, full-body, and robust and bold taste. It doesn’t matter if you like this coffee or not. You cannot deny its exceptional popularity.

7. Coffee Beans Whole Bean Coffee, French Roast, Gourmet Coffee, World Strongest Coffee, 2 Pound (2lb) Pack of 2

at a glance

  • Freshly roasted coffee
  • Contain the finest blend
  • A vast collection for choosing
  • Make your favorite moment enjoyable
  • Possess a smoky-sweet to be a dark and strong flavor

We have also decided to keep Coffee Beans Whole Bean Coffee, French Roast, Gourmet Coffee, and World Strongest Coffee on our list. It brings an experience of new roast varieties with great taste and distinct flavor that make each cup of coffee unique.

To maintain the taste profiles, we use exquisite coffee blends from Columbia, Brazil, and Guatemala. The farmers carefully grow, treat, and pick coffee beans by hand, which offers a distinct taste and a wholesome experience.

To dispatch our whole bean coffee fresh to the user, we roast our beans in small batches in New York to control higher quality. Moreover, we ship them to you as soon as possible so that you can enjoy our fresh and delicious coffee.

We have a wide variety of flavor profiles from smoky-sweet to dark and strong. You can enjoy your favorite one that you like. I think you will be able to discover your favorite roasts and blends as we offer a vast menu of whole bean selections.

8. San Francisco Bay French Roast Fresh Whole Bean Coffee-3 Lbs

at a glance

  • Dark and bold body
  • Whole fresh ground beans
  • Less acidic
  • Less caffeine
  • Roasted perfectly with our experts

We have included San Francisco Bay French Roast Fresh Whole Bean Coffee on our list also. If you are looking for the best taste of The France Roast Coffee, San Francisco Bay French Roast Fresh Whole Bean Coffee will be one to fulfill your wish.

Our experts are ready with our best quality San Francisco Bay French Roast Fresh Whole Bean Coffee to gratify your thirst for coffee. Its dark roast smoky flavor, somewhat sweeter taste, full of body and texture ensures a high taste profile.

We make our coffee beans roasted at 464° F (240° C) by our experts so perfectly, and if they push it a second longer, it will burst into flame. Its perfect roasting gives it mated with oil appearance. Its glistening body turns ebony when white smoke hangs down.

Its oil coat contains enzymes that give the fascinating coffee flavor and aroma that people love so much. Our French Roast Coffee Beans are less acidic and contain less caffeine, which is also good for your health.

9. The Bean Coffee Company Organic 50/50 French Roast, 50% Decaf, Whole Bean, 16-Ounce Bags (Pack of 2)

at a glance

  • A blend of 50% French Roast beans with 50% French Roast Decaf beans
  • Less acidic French roast coffees
  • Roasted with a smoky flavor
  • 100% Arabica beans
  • Certified by the USDA and CCOF

Organic 50/50 French Roast, 50% Decaf, Whole Bean is one of the products we have kept on our list. After the establishment in 2007, The Bean Coffee Company began its journey at farmer’s markets in Southern California before acquiring a roasting facility and expanding beyond California’s borders.

The Bean Coffee Company continues to focus on using the best ingredients to ensure consistent freshness, great taste, and maximized healthful benefits in every cup of coffee.

The Bean Coffee Company uses 100% Arabica organic coffee beans and roasts it by hand in small batches to preserve its natural flavors, rich antioxidants, and fresh-roasted quality.

The blend prepared by The Bean Coffee Company combines 50% French roasted coffee beans with 50% decaffeinated French roasted coffee beans.

The coffee beans used by The Bean Coffee Company are 100 percent organic and natural and certified by the USDA and CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers). Please, store coffee in an airtight container away from light, heat, and moisture to maintain freshness.

10. Ethical Bean Fairtrade Organic Super dark French Roast Whole Bean Coffee (12 oz Bag)

at a glance

  • Super dark bold body
  • Less acidic
  • Less caffeine
  • 100% Arabic varietal beans
  • Roasted in Loring Smart Roaster

Here we, Ethical Bean Fairtrade Organic Super dark French Roast Whole Bean Coffee, offer you the best quality French Roast Coffee Beans that our expert roasters make and combine naturally. We roast our beans in our Loring Smart Roaster, which takes the roasting technique further ahead from past to future.

This professionally precise roasting gives it a balance and a dazzling cocoa-laced finish. Its body is a dark bold-flavored, sweeter, oil-coated layer, bold and rich, full of body and texture, ensuring a high taste profile.

The oily layer contains an enzyme that gives it a rich coffee aroma. Our beans varietal is 100% Arabic but are originated in South America. It is less acidic and contains less caffeine, which turns eventually good for your health.

Our coffee beans are packed with fresh bags containing 12 oz (340 grams) per bag. Our professional takes care of quality while the French Roast Coffee Beans variations are endless; you know it when you taste it.

11. Allegro Coffee Organic French Roast Whole Bean Coffee, 12 oz

at a glance

  • A lighter dark roast coffee
  • Has a fair trade certification
  • Contain a sweet and slightly smoky flavor
  • Used the finest coffees from around the world
  • Completely chemical-free

Our Organic French Roast is a lighter dark roast that has a Fair Trade Certification. These high elevation beans contain a sweet and slightly smoky flavor. It is a type of rich and bold coffee that can please any dark roast drinker.

Allegro is one of the eminent brands in the realm of coffee. Since the establishment in 1977, as one of Colorado’s first specialty coffee producers, Allegro has discovered and offered the finest coffees from around the world.

Their goal is to provide you with a wide variety of sustainably grown, ethically sourced, with a variety of flavors and roasts that suit every mood and palate. So you will feel the delightful taste when you sip your regular coffee.

We gather the beans from the smallholder for this blend and prohibit the use of chemicals on the farms. We have a spacious range of coffees like single origins, blends, a maximum scope of roast profiles, and a wide variation of organic offerings for particular categories of coffee drinkers.

12. Peet’s Coffee Organic French Roast, Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee, 18 oz

at a glance

  • Have a finer aroma, richer flavor
  • A brewed coffee prepared from Arabica
  • Bold coffee with the taste of caramel and dark chocolate
  • Roasted carefully to the maximum heat
  • Holds a unique position in the market

French Roast whole bean coffee is a kind of coffee roasted in the true European tradition to taste rich and bold, not charred. Gourmet is an extraordinary brand in the field of coffee-making. They collect the beans from a dependable source, dry them well, and finally roast them carefully to the maximum temperature.

Gourmet coffee has a great taste and holds a unique position in the market. We make this coffee from Arabica coffee beans that have a finer aroma, richer flavor, and more body than those made from Robusta beans.

Typically gourmet coffee as a brewed coffee prepared from Arabica offers a strong and rich flavor and aroma compared to regular coffee. Gourmet generally means a person who knows a lot about food and cooking and enjoys eating good food.

In fact, it is a rich and bold coffee with the flavor of caramel and dark chocolate. We usually roast a specially selected blend of 100% Arabica coffees to their peak to caramelize the beans’ natural sugars.

Types of French Coffee

There are different types of French coffee served in France. Among them, the following are the most preferable.

  • Le café normal (normal coffee) Café normal. …
  • Le café serré geraldineportelli. …
  • Le café allongé or américain (American coffee) …
  • Le cappuccino.
  • Le café mocha.
  • Le macchiato.
  • Le café au lait.
  • Le café noisette.

Characteristics of the Best French Roast Coffee Beans

Best French Roast Coffee

If you drink it, you feel that the taste is strong and smoky. The roast is so strong that it carries a bitter taste that you will feel while enjoying it.

French roast coffee beans have a slightly bitter taste than ordinary coffee because Roasts roast the beans at maximum temperature.

Since the roasters roast the beans at maximum temperature, they lose their original flavor and return to the bitter taste.

Although French roast coffee is dark in taste and has a dark, smoky, and intense flavor, caffeine is no higher than any other dark roast.

  • Flavor
  • Freshness
  • Oil

Flavor of French roast coffee

French roast refers only to the roasted layer, not to the specific coffee beans. Therefore, French roast coffee bags can be made from coffee beans born all over the world.

French roast beans are roasted, it roasts light source flavors such as fruit and herb, leaving mostly roasted flavors, hints of smoke, and spices.

French roasts usually have a thin body, light mouthfeel, and a slightly burnt, slightly sweet taste.

Freshness of French roast

While they are still green, it can store coffee beans without losing flavor. Once they are fried, the beans come in contact with oxygen and stale reasonably quickly.

To get fresh beans and the best taste, you may want to check out recently fried beans – or at least the ones with the farthest dates.

By storing in opaque, airtight containers, you can keep your coffee bean fresh.

Professionals do not recommend storing your beans in the fridge or the refrigerator, as temperature changes can condense your beans, and you don’t want any liquid in your beans until you remove them.

You may also want to buy whole bean coffee, which retains its flavor over time better than ground coffee. For the best-tasting cup of coffee, grind your beans before making them.


Garlic roast beans are usually more oily than their lighter parts. Even if all the dark roast beans are not oily, if your dark roast beans are particularly dry, this may be a sign of less freshness.

The problem with oily beans is that they can stick to some coffee making equipment such as espresso machines. You may want to check out your brewery to see if it can handle natural oils in most French roasts.

Does French roast coffee have more caffeine?

Depending on the temperature difference of roasting. The density of the bean changes. If you roast the beans more extended than standard time and temperature, they lose their density. As a general rule, lightly roasted coffee will have more caffeine than dark roasted coffee.

Moreover, if you measure with your scoops, darker roasts will have more caffeine, because there is less mass. Although many coffee drinkers think that French roast coffee contains excessive caffeine, it is not stronger than some other dark roast.

How Is French Roast Coffee Roasted?

French roast coffee is so far less acidic and roasted in flavor compared to most of the lighter roasts. Typically it has a charred and charcoal-like flavor. We have to increase the internal temperature up to 464 F (240 C) for roasting the French roast coffee.

When the coffee roasts grow darker, the coffee’s color becomes dark, and coffee oil appears on the surface. Because of having these characteristics, French roast coffee beans are dark brown and glistening with oil.

French roast coffee takes two cracks to complete its roasting process. This means we have to cook them with such a high temperature that they will make two cracking sounds during the roasting.

  • The first crack comes from the release of steam.
  • The second crack happens when the cell walls break down and release oils to the beans’ surface.

Is French Roast Coffee Good Quality?

The quality of any product is a major factor in users. In some cases, it’s difficult to tell if the product is good or bad if we don’t use it. In the same manner, we are not sure whether French roast coffee is of good quality if we don’t see the coffee beans before roasting. Many roasters use lower-quality beans for making their French roast.

On the other hand, some roasters tend to focus on the quality of the roast itself. If you think the roast is important and you like French roast, quality is subjective, and you have to get the one you would like to enjoy.

Many people consider French roast coffee to be nearly burnt yet enjoyable (like grilled meat or dark toasted bread). Moreover, some coffees devotees prefer the taste of the beans themselves (the terroir) simply consider it to be burnt.

Should You Avoid French Roast Coffee?

The roasters of French roast coffee fry the coffee beans to the highest temperature. If they roast the coffee beans any more, the beans will get burnt. Because of excessive burning, the coffee grows bitter and so it is rather difficult to drink this coffee for the ordinary drinkers. 

The long roasting process removes the natural flavor of coffee or even loses its antioxidants and other health components. Some studies have proved that lighter roasted coffee contains most of the beneficial health ingredients.

However, the dark roast coffee drinkers don’t suffer from any health hazards. Finally, we can realize that ordinary coffee drinkers should avoid French roast coffee. But if anybody desires to enjoy coffee without real flavor, he can choose it.

Other types of coffee we’ve reviewed:

  • Mexican coffee brands
  • Kona coffee beans


Is French Roast coffee strong?

Most of the ordinary coffee drinkers think French roast coffee to be strong in flavor, with darkness, smoky and pungent taste. In consideration of the caffeine range, the French roast is not stronger than some other dark roast.

Is French roast coffee bitter?

In comparison to some other dark roast, French roast beans are a little more bitter. It happens because of the carbonization of fibers within the beans. In the case of some of the dark roast, there is a nice smoky and charcoal flavor that many people like to enjoy.

On the other hand, French roasts have an overpowering bitterness and burnt undertones.

What Does French Roast Coffee Taste Like?

There are so many coffee drinkers who consider French roast to be a double roast coffee. French roast coffee is far less acidic than most of the light roast coffee and roasted in flavor. In most of the cases, it has a charred and charcoal-like note.

Is dark roast coffee bad for you?

Because of the long roasting process, dark roast coffee like French roast loses its original flavor or even antioxidants and other health components. Moreover, some studies have proved that lighter roasted coffee has many health benefits elements.

However, the dark roast coffee drinkers don’t have to face any health-hazard by far.

Why is it called French Roast?

French roast is a term used to describe the color of the bean after roasting. The roasters fry the coffee beans at such a high temperature that the beans grow the darkest point on roasts’ scale.

The coffee drinkers naturally believe that Europe first introduced French roast coffee in the 19th century.

Final Judgment

We know that there are a lot of people who are looking for the best French roast coffee. That is why I would like to provide you with all the necessary information to make a good choice. Whether you are a regular or irregular coffee drinker, you should choose the right type of coffee that can provide you with full satisfaction.

They come up with different color, flavor, price, quality, taste and actions. But remember that all types of coffees do not equally suitable for you. However, I have reviewed some of the best dark roast coffees available on the market, and we hope you will find the information useful.

If you ever decide to purchase one of these coffees, it will help you to decide which one would be suitable for you. If you find this information helpful, please spread the good news with your family and friends in making a perfect choice.

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